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How Community Retirement Living is Helping Seniors Prolong their Lives

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cropped-cropped-happy-seniors-1We all want to live longer, more enjoyable lives. But many of us are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there about how to live longer and better – much of it contradictory. It turns out that there are a few things that older adults who live longer have in common: they exercise regularly, they have strong social ties, and they maintain a positive attitude.

If you are at or nearing retirement age, you may be asking yourself how you too can get into these healthy habits. What you may not know is that many seniors enjoying community retirement living have already made these changes in their lives. Why is it so much easier for them?

Healthy Habits are Contagious

At a retirement community, seniors are able to socialize with others their age who already maintain healthy habits. It’s also easier to get into these routines because there are so many group classes and fitness programs offered on campus. Most communities have beautiful walking paths and encourage fitness indoors and out all year long. Connecting with a fitness buddy or even a personal trainer is much easier as part of a community where the fitness center is just a few steps from your residence.

Community Building on Campus

When you join a retirement community, you are becoming part of a neighborhood of people your age with some of the same concerns. Proximity makes it much easier for seniors to reach out and connect with others. Studies have shown that isolation is unhealthy. Joining a retirement community ensures that one’s later years are not lived alone. Best of all, it gives older adults an opportunity to form friendships later in life that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to develop outside of the community.

Positive Vibes

It can be easy to get discouraged when you live far away from loved ones or have a lot of time to get caught up in your own head. Retirement communities offer classes, workshops, arts and crafts, and shopping and entertainment options that can help keep older adults engaged with life instead of worried over the past. Every staff member at a retirement community has residents’ wellbeing in mind, and all that positive energy and attention can give seniors a much needed mental boost.

Written by Bethany Village

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