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4 Fun Summer Activities to Enjoy with Grandchildren

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Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect season for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. With school out of session, there’s plenty to do while enjoying quality time together. Get ready for some fun in the sun with these summer activities to enjoy with grandchildren.

Start a garden together

Gardening is a fun, easy activity that grandchildren of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re planting fruit and vegetables or flower beds, you can get your grandchildren involved in the process by teaching them how to pull weeds, water plants, or pack soil. If you don’t have the space for a garden, potted plants or miniature gardens are an easy alternative. Your grandchildren will love seeing their seeds grow each time they visit you.

Go to a concert or show

From free outdoor concerts to Broadway musicals, there’s plenty of entertaining activities to enjoy in the Dayton area this summer. Many retirement communities organize trips to local events and arrange special discounts for seniors. Enjoy quality time with your grandchildren by taking them to one of these fun events, and create memories that will last for years to come. 

Plan a picnic

Summer is the perfect time for a picnic, even if you go no farther than your backyard. Pack a lunch in a basket and enjoy eating on a blanket outdoors. Let your grandchildren decide the snacks to bring and spend the day watching the clouds.

Get crafty

For an easy indoor activity, plan an arts and crafts day. Don’t be afraid to get messy in your creative pursuits! Whether you draw, finger paint, or knit, there’s no wrong way to enjoy arts and crafts with your grandchildren.


Written by Bethany Village

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