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5 Reasons Why Seniors Love Assisted Living

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The decision to move to an assisted living community can be difficult for seniors and their families to make. Many seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible and fear that moving to assisted living will bring an end to their sense of freedom and independence.

The truth is, assisted living gives older adults access to the right level of care they need in a safer, more secure environment, which may actually allow them to maintain their independence for longer. In fact, many seniors who move to assisted living find that they prefer it to living alone at home! Here are a few reasons why:

Better safety and security

Over time, the traditional home environment may become unsafe for older adults as their health needs change. Making home modifications can become expensive, and even with extra safety measures in place, falls and accidents can happen. Unlike most traditional homes, assisted living facilities are designed and built with the safety of seniors in mind. With everything from secure entrances and exits to accessible bathrooms and medical alert systems, assisted living residents can rest assured that help is always readily available if they need it.

Delicious and nutritious meals

Another reason seniors prefer assisted living over living at home is because assisted living communities offer delicious, nutritious meals prepared each day. Whether it’s due to a diminishing appetite or the inability to shop for and prepare fresh, healthy meals, older adults living at home often struggle to maintain good nutrition. In addition, many people don’t like to eat alone. In assisted living, however, dining is a vibrant social experience! Today’s assisted living facilities provide residents with chef-prepared meals that can be catered to their specific health and dietary needs. Seniors in assisted living also have the option to enjoy their meals in the company of other residents in a community setting, which helps to foster new friendships and encourage healthy eating habits.

Less worry

Between chores, landscaping, maintenance, and repairs, it’s not easy for older adults to keep up with the many responsibilities of owning a home, especially if they live alone. By moving to assisted living, older adults can say “goodbye” to the burdens and stress of home maintenance and “hello” to an easier, more relaxing lifestyle. Most assisted living communities provide housekeeping, laundry, and even transportation services to make day-to-day life a little easier for residents.

Opportunities to try new things

As we grow older, we never lose our desire to learn new things and live an active, engaged life. That’s why today’s assisted living communities offer residents plenty of opportunities to participate in everything from art classes to fitness classes, clubs, games, social activities, and even off-site trips to local events and performances. With a variety of fun and enriching activities to suit any interest, assisted living communities helps to ensure that residents are never bored.

Close friendships

Most importantly, assisted living gives older adults a chance to form close, meaningful friendships with others who share their interests. Seniors who live alone are at risk for becoming disconnected and socially isolated, which can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. On the other hand, when seniors are surrounded by peers in a warm, friendly community setting, they experience a greater sense of happiness and very often, better health outcomes.

Are you concerned about the safety of an older loved one living alone? It may be time to talk to them about the benefits of moving to assisted living for their health, safety, and overall well-being.

Written by Bethany Village

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