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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Short-Term Rehab Center

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If you or an older loved one is anticipating an elective surgery such as a joint replacement, your doctor might recommend a stay in a short-term rehabilitation center instead of returning directly home.

Short-term rehab can help older adults rebuild strength after surgery by working with physical and occupational therapists in a safe and comfortable environment. If you’re searching for a short-term senior rehabilitation center for your post-surgery recovery, here are a few questions to ask to find the center that’s right for you.

What kind of treatment is offered?

Depending on the reason for your hospitalization, you may require a combination of therapy services to build strength and stability before returning home. When researching potential senior rehab centers, look for a provider that offers a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. These centers provide a variety of services for older adults in addition to physical rehabilitation, including medication management, skilled nursing, nutrition and dietary guidance, and even transportation to doctor’s appointments.

Will I have a private room?

Some retirement communities incorporate short-term senior rehabilitation centers on their campuses, offering short-term rehab patients the same services and amenities enjoyed by full-time residents. In many centers, short-term rehab patients are offered private rooms and bathrooms, and can even reserve their room well in advance of their planned hospital stay. 

What is the staff to patient ratio?

Rehabilitation is a highly personal matter. One of the greatest benefits of staying in a short-term senior rehabilitation center is the opportunity for one-on-one care from a team of nurses, therapists, and physicians. As you face the road to recovery, look for a rehab center that offers customized treatment plans and individual attention for each patient.

What does a typical day look like?

You might be wondering how you’ll spend your time in a short-term rehab center when you’re not receiving therapy treatments. If you choose to stay in a short-term senior rehabilitation center in a retirement community, your typical day will likely include a variety of engaging activities in addition to therapy treatment including fun social events. A structured day can help stimulate both body and mind and ensures short-term rehab patients are never bored.

Does the center offer outpatient or at home therapy after the rehab stay?

When your short-term rehabilitation stay comes to an end, it’s important to understand how the rehabilitation center will help you transition back home. Many rehabilitation centers offer at-home rehab care or outpatient rehab services, enabling older adults to continue their therapy and achieve their recovery goals.

In many ways, a temporary stay in a short-term rehab center offers older adults a glimpse at what it’s like to live in a retirement community full-time. After getting a better feel for the community, older adults may feel more confident moving to a retirement community as part of their long-term health care plan.

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