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Art in the Making at Bethany Village

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Raise Your Brush Event 017
Campus guest Janet

Yesterday, the owner of Raise Your Brush in Centerville, Laura Carter, presented and taught how to create an ocean view to guests, Bethany Village residents and marketing staff.

“This has been one of my favorite activities here,” stated resident Harold.  “I had a lot of fun and learned some new things even as a painter myself.”

Those in attendance, except resident Harold, did not have painting experience and were up for the challenge.  Yet, with Laura’s instruction and examples, within two hours, attendees created their own masterpiece that they could take home with them.

Create your own masterpiece! Call Laura from Raise Your Brush at 937-470-5487, to make your reservations.

Raise Your Brush Event 010
Graceworks Lutheran Services Marketing and Resource Development, Allyson and Betty.
Raise Your Brush Event 015
Bethany Village Resident Harold
Raise Your Brush Event 004
Raise Your Brush Owner, Laura Carter
Raise Your Brush Event 006
Bethany Village Marketing, Dana and Amy

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