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Resident Shirley Attends a Wedding Virtually using Skype

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wedding cakeResident Shirley of Courtyard Park wanted to be able to see her grandson, Christopher, marry Rachel this past week on a beautiful beach in Florida.  Excited for the wedding, Shirley was disappointed because she was not able to complete the necessary travel.

Nikkii, a Life Enrichment Coordinator of Bethany Village, came up with a creative solution to the problem.   Nikkii suggested the use of Skype so that Shirley could still become part of the wedding nuptials.   Nikkii suggested and coordinated the technical aspects with Shirley’s daughter, Mindy.  Everyone was very excited at the prospect to have Shirley included.

On the day of the wedding, Shirley was fully dressed for the event while remaining in the comfort of her own room. Nikkii was by her side to help facilitate the technical aspects and use of Skype.  Shirley’s eleven year old grandson, Anthony, provided the technical needs and interaction of the tablet with the ceremony on the beach.

“It was great!” Shirley states. “It was like I was actually there.  It eased the disappointment of not being able to go in person.”

Shirley was able to watch the bride come down the aisle as well as see and hear the ceremony itself.  Shirley was even a part of the wedding pictures with the bride and groom holding the tablet that showed the skype of Shirley’s image.

A short time later, the bride and groom hosted a reception party in the Dayton area that Shirley was able to attend.  Shirley and her family have wonderful memories and pictures of the wedding and reception.  Shirley’s entire family is very grateful for Nikkii’s creativity and care for Shirley going above and beyond their expectations.

Written by Bethany Village

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