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4 Reasons Why Assisted Living is Better Than Living at Home

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Bethany Village resident looks into distanceDeciding on the best living situation for your aging parent can be a complicated and emotional process. While most people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, there comes a time when living alone may be unsafe for your parent, both physically and mentally.

Seniors who live alone often experience issues like social isolation and loneliness, as well as problems with medication management, inadequate nutrition, fall risks, and other health and safety hazards. Assisted living offers a safer, healthier alternative for older adults who need more help than family members can provide at home. If you’re curious about the benefits of choosing assisted living for your older parent, here are a few reasons why assisted living is often better than living at home.

Improved Safety and Security

Safety and security issues tend to increase as we grow older, especially for seniors who live alone. For example, aging adults are more susceptible to dangerous slips and falls, and some seniors may find themselves the victim of financial scams. Assisted living communities feature on-site security monitoring and care staff that can be contacted immediately in the event of an emergency. Assisted living facilities are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of older adults, and offer greater accessibility and safety features that cannot be easily replicated in a home environment. Overall, living in an assisted living community is far safer and more secure than living alone at home.

Nutritious Meals

Malnutrition in older adults is a growing concern, and seniors who live alone are more likely to be impacted by a deficient diet. In an assisted living community, older adults can enjoy healthy meals prepared each day. Most communities even have licensed dieticians and nutritionists on staff to ensure seniors receive necessary nutrients and develop dietary accommodations for those with medical conditions.

Opportunities for Social Activity

Living at home alone can be isolating and may even lead to issues such as anxiety and depression in older adults. In assisted living, older adults have opportunities to socialize with their peers in a friendly, welcoming environment. With activities ranging from art classes to book clubs and trips to concerts or the theatre, there are plenty of ways for seniors to get involved and make new friends in assisted living communities.

Help with Daily Tasks

One of the primary reasons families consider assisted living is to address any escalating care needs in older adults that make living at home difficult and unsafe. For example, seniors may need extra help with activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, medication management, and other daily needs that require the support of expert caregivers. In assisted living, residents receive help with daily tasks as well as access to skilled nursing or rehabilitative care if necessary. Families can rest assured knowing that their loved ones have around-the-clock support from professional caregivers in assisted living.

Today’s assisted living facilities give seniors a level of comfort, safety, and socialization that is far beyond what can be provided at home. Ultimately, assisted living is a healthier and safer option for those who need extra support with daily activities, offering older adults an improved quality of life throughout their retirement years.

Written by Bethany Village

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