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What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

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If you’re just starting to research retirement living options for yourself or a loved one, you may be confused about the terminology. You’re not alone; many people are confused about today’s senior living options and how they differ.

However, knowing the key differences between assisted living and independent living is essential to finding the right living option for yourself or a loved one. If you’re ready to begin your senior living search, take a look at some of the differences between assisted living and independent living.

Assisted living

Assisted living is the ideal choice for seniors who want to live an independent lifestyle, but may need extra support with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, transportation, or medication management. In assisted living facilities, residents may receive assistance around the clock from care professionals, giving residents and their families a greater peace of mind about their safety and security. Assisted living also offers maintenance and housekeeping services, along with access to fitness classes, dining options, and fun social activities.  

Independent living

Independent living is designed for older adults who are able to live independently but want to avoid the hassles of homeownership. Unlike assisted living, independent living residents require minimal assistance with daily tasks, but still have access to emergency assistance when necessary. Ultimately, independent living is the best choice for older adults who can live independently but desire a more carefree lifestyle.     

Deciding between assisted living and independent living

Ultimately, the determining factor in deciding between assisted living and independent living should be the level of care required for you or your loved one. Some retirement communities offer both independent and assisted living options, giving older adults the unique opportunity to transition seamlessly from independent living to assisted living facilities as their care needs change.

Written by Bethany Village

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