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What to Expect From Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

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For many older adults, a hip, shoulder, or knee replacement can help increase mobility, function, and ultimately improve their quality of life. After surgery, physical rehabilitation is critical in the recovery process to promote strength building, pain management, and a faster recovery. If you’re curious about the benefits of staying in a rehabilitation center after joint replacement surgery, here’s what to expect.

A customized approach to care

In a senior rehabilitation center, an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and dieticians work together to create a treatment plan for each patient. With hands-on attention and supervision from dedicated professionals, rehabilitation centers ensure patients receive a quality, customized care as they face the road to recovery.

Encouragement to succeed

Finding the motivation to do rehabilitation exercises every day can be difficult, especially if you’re receiving outpatient or at-home care. However, in a joint replacement rehabilitation center, older adults receive personalized treatment nearly every day. Physical therapists and occupational therapists offer encouragement to ensure their patients adhere to exercises and maximize their results.

The confidence to return home

For older adults recovering from a joint replacement surgery, rehabilitation can bridge the gap between hospital and home. Especially for adults transitioning home from a hospital stay, rehabilitation centers offer a warm and comforting environment to focus on recovery. Ultimately, the goal of joint replacement rehabilitation is to help patients regain the confidence and strength to return home safely and avoid rehospitalization.

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