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5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Retirement Community

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If your loved one is spending Thanksgiving in a retirement community, there’s no reason they should miss out on the traditions and celebrations of the holiday. If you’re planning on visiting a loved one in a retirement community, here are five ideas to make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Incorporate family traditions

Every family has time-honored Thanksgiving traditions, whether it’s breaking the wishbone or sharing words of gratitude around the dinner table. If you plan to visit a loved one in a retirement community on Thanksgiving, consider ways to incorporate family traditions into your visit.

Enjoy a meal together

Many retirement communities organize Thanksgiving activities and may even serve a Thanksgiving meal that residents can invite friends and family to join. This way, you can enjoy a meal together without spending hours in the kitchen.

Bring games or crafts

Whether you play card games or complete a fun Thanksgiving-themed craft together, planning an activity to enjoy with family members of all ages can help spark conversation and make your visit even more memorable.

Write thank-you letters

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, consider writing thank-you notes as a family to anyone you’re thankful for. You can mail the letters to family members who live far away or even create cards for the caregivers in your loved one’s retirement community.

Make memories

Be sure to document your visits with loved ones in a retirement community, especially over the holiday season. Make the most of your visit by taking plenty of photographs and videos to preserve memories of your time together. Your family will cherish having a record of the holidays in the years to come!

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