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3 Ways Assisted Living Helps Seniors Avoid Loneliness

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As we grow older, maintaining strong social connections with friends, family, and neighbors adds meaning and value to our lives. However, isolation and loneliness is a widespread issue among older adults. According to recent research, 18 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 65 live alone and 43 percent report they feel lonely on a regular basis.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can be detrimental to one’s physical and mental health, often leading to increased cognitive decline, anxiety, depression, poor nutrition, problems sleeping and even increased mortality. Luckily, many older adults find that relocating to an assisted living community can prevent and ease feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here are three ways assisted living can help.

Exploring new interests

Another way to avoid loneliness is by learning a new hobby. Your retirement years are the perfect time to explore new interests and hobbies. Trying something new can also help you meet people with similar interests and form lasting friendships. In a retirement community, older adults have endless opportunities to engage with others through book clubs, art classes, card games, and much more.

Making exercise fun

Exercising is an integral part of healthy living, but it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise alone. Joining a group fitness class or walking club can help seniors ward off feelings of loneliness and support a healthy lifestyle. In assisted living communities, residents can enjoy group fitness activities on a regular basis, promoting both their mental and physical wellbeing.

Community dining with others

In assisted living, sharing a meal with others can become a lively social event. Assisted living also offers seniors multiple dining options, including fun group outings to try local restaurants. When family visits, sharing a meal together can also be a fun way to celebrate special occasions or simply catch up.

Are you worried about an older loved one living alone? Assisted living may be a solution to preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation. With friendly neighbors, opportunities for new hobbies, and daily social activities, assisted living can help older adults make the most of their retirement years.  

Written by Bethany Village

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