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Does Your Parent Need Inpatient Rehab Care?

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If your senior parent or loved one has recently been hospitalized due to an injury or illness, their doctor may recommend they receive rehabilitation care before returning home. With so many different kinds of rehabilitation care available, it can be difficult to determine which type is the best fit for your parent.

Inpatient rehab care is a popular option for many older adults. In inpatient rehab care, seniors can stay within a rehabilitation facility to receive treatment nearly every day, often resulting in better recovery outcomes. If you’re curious about inpatient rehab care for your parent, here are some questions to ask to determine if inpatient care is the right choice.

Does your parent need around-the-clock treatment and supervision?

After a major hospitalization, many older adults require intensive therapy treatment and around-the-clock assistance with daily activities to regain their strength and skills. Seniors in inpatient rehab care receive customized treatment nearly every day as well as assistance with daily activities like medication management, grooming, and dressing. In this way, inpatient rehab care can offer a better peace of mind for older adults and their families.

Can your parent benefit from a structured day?

One of the major benefits of staying in an inpatient physical rehabilitation program is the structure of each day. While the focus of their stay is rehabilitation, older adults in inpatient rehab can also expect plenty of opportunities for activities and socializing with others during their stay. A structured day can stimulate both the body and mind, helping older adults achieve their recovery goals and even make new friends during their stay.  

Is long-term care a concern?

For many older adults, a temporary stay in an inpatient rehab facility can lead to the decision to move to a retirement community full-time. After experiencing the dedicated care staff, vibrant social life, and engaging opportunities a retirement community offers, older adults and their families may feel more comfortable with the decision to relocate to a retirement community as part of a long-term care plan.

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