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Continuing Care Retirement Community Guide Part 3: Transitioning Care

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In the first part of our series on continuing care retirement communities (CCRC’s) we took a look at how to find the right campus for you. Our second part explored the costs and financing options available for residents.

In this installment, we will be discussing one of the greatest benefits of living in a CCRC: the process of aging in place even if your care needs change. How does one transition from independent living to assisted living? What about access to rehabilitation after a stroke or long illness? Can spouses stay together in every type of residence?

Comfort at Every Level of Care

At a CCRC, you can spend your golden years among new friends and familiar staff on the campus that you have come to call home. Even if you may need a little help performing the tasks of everyday living – such as cooking, bathing, or managing your medication – you can get the help you need right there within the community. There’s no need to transition to another care facility if you need rehabilitation or even nursing home care. You can continue to enjoy the place that you call home at every level of care.

Transitioning Care

When you first arrive on campus, you will probably be one of the millions of older adults looking for a low-maintenance but independent lifestyle. You will stay busy making new friends, socializing at dinner, joining new clubs, and exploring fitness and continuing education classes. While we all hope to remain fit and in perfect health throughout our later years, sometimes life has different ideas.

If you suffer an injury or illness at any point and need a little extra help to get around, you can rest easy knowing that all the help you need is already right there in your community. You can move into an assisted living apartment on the same campus, or have a rehabilitation specialist or caregiver meet you in your independent living home. Having a caregiver visit your residence is also a great option if your spouse needs a little extra help but you are still able to live independently. If at any time you need a higher level of care, you or your loved one can also be transitioned to nursing care on campus.

As we age, we all require a little extra help to keep an eye on our health. A CCRC is perfectly designed to accommodate the needs of older adults during this period of their lives. Like many seniors, you will probably find that moving to a CCRC can help reduce fears and anxieties about growing older, as you know there will always be someone there to support you at every stage of life. At a CCRC, the care you need is never more than a few steps away.

Written by Bethany Village

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