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Ken and Mimi, Bethany Village residents, started collecting menus, recipes and fine china from restaurants in the United States and other countries as early as 1958.  Ken grew up with a love of the culinary arts and further pursued his interest earning a degree from Cornell University in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

His interest began their collection and a portion of it is on display in the Vista Place Lounge. Some items include:

  • White House and Buckingham Palace menus and recipes
  • History of food the Wright brothers ate
  • The recipe and actual cake that was Orville Wright’s favorite
  • Menus and china from the now closed Dayton restaurant, l’Auberge
  • Photographs from some Kuntz catered events

The Kuntz’s interest also extends into catering special events like benefits that honor the Opera Guild of Dayton.   One year they served delicacies from the White House.  Another year, they featured an eight-course dinner that was the last dinner served on the Titanic.

“Sharing my interest with other people is the best thing about my collection,” states Ken.  “Some of those that I have shared with state that the cuisine brings back fond memories.”

The display will be in the Vista Place Lounge through the month of March.

Written by Bethany Village

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