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Dr. Squire Brown shares his knowledge through volunteering and presenting at the Air Force Museum

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SLB photo NMUSAF 01Bethany Village residents have a vast array of knowledge and talents they like to share.  Squire and Freda Brown have lived at Bethany for four years and are an example of residents who enjoy sharing through volunteering.

Dr. Squire Brown is a retired aerospace engineer whose civil service career with the U.S. Air Force included assignments in the Flight Dynamics Laboratory, the Development Planning Directorate and the Engineering Directorate, where his last position was Chief of Flight Mechanics. Many of his projects dealt with aircraft design and flight performance, and he served on the AIAA Aircraft Design Committee. He is the author of A Genesis Workshop: Five Generations of Engineering Enterprise from the Birthplace of Aviation, published by the Aeronautical Systems Center History Office.

Following retirement fifteen years ago, Dr. Brown joined the volunteer program of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force where he works in the archives of the research division.  “I have loved every moment of volunteering at the museum.  Meeting people from all over the world has been very rewarding,” states Dr. Brown.

To further share his expert knowledge, Dr. Brown will present a lecture at the Air Force Museum as part of the Wings & Things Guest Lecture series on November 20, 2014 entitled “Pushing the Envelope: Vision and Genius in the R&D Gallery.”  During his lecture, Brown will discuss the museum’s Research and Development (R&D) Gallery, which exhibits a unique collection of aircraft that challenged the imagination and pushed the boundaries of flight. These aircraft, along with the many others in the gallery, illustrate the innovative thinking by pilots, creativity by designers and visionary concepts by airpower strategists. Together, they offer some of the most interesting stories describing extraordinary pioneering achievements as the USAF sought to define the future of military aviation.  Many Bethany Village residents will attend Dr. Brown’s lecture. The event is free and open to the public. It begins at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Brown also finds the time to volunteer at Bethany Village and Freda acts as the main librarian at the Bethany Village residential living library.  Volunteering has helped them meet and form close relationships with other residents that they were not expecting to find when they first moved to campus.  Through their sharing of themselves, they have found great personal reward and satisfaction.

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