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Bethany Village Volunteers Help St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank

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Bethany Village Life Enrichment Team (FP) 10-8-14 (1)When individuals in our community lack the resources to buy food,  St. Vincent de Paul helps.  Two times a month, more than 500 families from the Miami Valley region visit the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry to receive donations of non-perishable items, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and breads.

Each family receives specific food individually selected to help meet their household size and member needs.

In early October, five Bethany residents and five staff members volunteered to work at the food bank.  Our volunteers helped sort and arrange the large volume of food, and helped to gather the appropriate food per family need.

Many volunteers found the experience very humbling and enjoyed the ability to give back to the community at large.  Even though the work was demanding physically, volunteers enjoyed helping others and look forward to doing it again.

St. Vincent de Paul also has a number of other service programs to counter homelessness including emergency homeless shelters, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing to meet the many varied needs of individuals, both men and women, that experience difficulty finding or keeping reliable housing.
Bethany Village Life Enrichment Team (FP) 10-8-14 (3)

Bethany Village Life Enrichment Team (FP) 10-8-14 (4)

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