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Wii Bowling Success Banquet

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Wii bowling award banquet 002Six years ago, a Wii Bowling League was established in the Miami Valley, thriving with two regional divisions. The North Division consists of Friendship Village, Mill Ridge, and Grace Brethren; the Southern Division consists of  St. Leonard, 10 Wilmington Place, and Bethany Village.

Each year the two regions bowl against their respective facilities on 3 separate occasions.  Most of the bowlers in each of the facilities bowl at least 3 times a week. Bethany Village has many residents who bowl a 200+ average and more than 6 residents have bowled perfect games.

This year, Bethany Village won the southern division and bowled for the championship against Grace Brethren Village in Englewood. Unfortunately, Bethany Village lost in the championship after a hard fought bowl off.

A Wii bowling banquet was held at the end of the season for all the bowlers of all 6 facilities. Bethany Village hosted the banquet this for the 70 bowlers. The bowlers enjoyed food, comradery, entertainment and, of course, trophies!   This one way in which our Bethany Village residents stay engaged, and active.  Congratulations to all of the bowlers!

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