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Father’s Day Tips from Bethany Bloggers

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istock_000012917120xsmallFather’s Day is Sunday, June 19. The blog writers at Bethany Village share their personal and favorite tips about how they honor their dads on Father’s Day. What are your plans to celebrate Father’s Day? Please include your comments. Click on the bloggers’ names to see their photos and read their biographies.

Karen Kuhn says:

If your Dad is living, make every effort to visit him on Father’s Day. My Dad died at a young age, but my family would always have a summer picnic-style meal to honor him.

Bring the tackle box and go fishing for a few hours. Take along some lemonade too.

Take time to select a card for Dad with a message that will make him smile or laugh out loud.

Take a picture of your Dad with your family gathered around to mark the day.

Robyn Nelson says:

When my dad was still living, he loved to go for rides in the car out in the country. My dad had Alzheimer’s disease so this was one of the activities that we could do together that he really was able to participate in and enjoyed so much– we would drive by all the old places that he remembered from his childhood and I loved to hear his stories. Of course, before returning home, we always made a stop at the ice cream stand for a chocolate malt! I really miss those rides!

Allyson Crawford says:

Every Father’s Day, I like to invite my dad and dad-in-law up to my home for a cook out. I’m a strict vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I force that on my male meat eaters! To the contrary, my husband likes to grill steaks for everyone to enjoy.

After the cook out, there is usually dessert – perhaps an ice cream cake, or something else special. Then presents. Both dads like to work outdoors, so the gift is usually something to do with gardening or tools. Then the entire family sits around and enjoys the day together. It’s a low key time, and a great afternoon together.

Rachel Abshear says:

Use a website such as blurb or shutterfly to create a picture book of memories of you and your father.

Send (in the mail) a letter to your dad telling him how important he is. Everyone likes to get that isn’t a bill!  And a personal letter is so unusual nowadays.

Create an experience for your dad—take him to a new exhibit at the discovery or art museum or try a fun entertainment locale (like the aquarium, zoo, or Entertainment Junction in West Chester).

Plan an overnight trip to his hometown and let him drive (or ride) around telling you stories about the good old days and his favorite hangouts.

Jenita Sullenger says:

I take all the time in the world and do it early to find just the right Father’s Day card. My dad is very sentimental and I am the only girl of three boys so I relish the opportunity to find just the perfect “Daddy’s girl” card. I have been so blessed that it takes me more time to only decide on one (so he usually gets two or three) since he fits all the Hallmark cards.

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