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If you’re just beginning to search for a new living arrangement for yourself or a loved one, you may not be entirely clear on all of your choices, or what they mean. With so much information to sort through, the search for the perfect living arrangement can be overwhelming. To get you started, here are some facts about senior living options in retirement communities.

Independent Living

For older adults who are able to live independently but desire a carefree, low-maintenance lifestyle, independent living is the ideal option. Many retirement communities offer several independent living options for seniors wishing to downsize from their current homes, such as apartments and villas or cozy cottages. Independent living options in retirement communities also come with amenities like transportation, fitness centers, and on-campus dining services for residents. Overall, independent living can give seniors all the freedom of homeownership without the responsibility of maintaining a large home.

Assisted Living

Assisted living residents are mainly independent but may need a little extra help with daily tasks such as dressing, cooking, or managing their medications. Assisted living communities also offer on-call or resident nursing staff who can assist in times of emergency. Seniors in assisted living are members of a vibrant community where they can enjoy group outings and other social events. Ultimately, assisted living enables residents to maintain their independence for longer while having greater peace of mind knowing that help is there when they need it.  

Nursing Homes

For seniors requiring a very high level of medical care and around-the-clock assistance, a nursing home is the best option. In a nursing home, licensed nurses are available at all hours to help residents with daily tasks and ensure their healthcare needs are met. These facilities also offer community activities for residents and collective dining options, so seniors can maintain their social lives while still receiving the care they require.

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