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Giving Up Driving and Keeping Your Independence

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For many seniors having a car and the ability to drive anywhere and anytime is understandably a luxury they do not willingly want to relinquish. They have been driving the majority of their lives and many cannot imagine giving this up.

If one or both of your parents is facing the decision to stop driving, either because of personal health or safety issues, understand the gravity of the decision. To provide support, be encouraging and offer up some positive aspects of letting someone else do the driving.

A big benefit is financial. The money saved on insurance, gas and routine maintenance is substantial and can be applied toward paying for private transportation when needed. Other benefits include the end of battling inclement weather and skipping the annual hassle of renewing car insurance, driver’s licenses and registrations.

If your mom and dad live in a retirement community such as Bethany Village they can still keep their independence whether they drive or not. Bethany provides bus transportation to local grocery and department stores, physician offices and pharmacies at no extra cost. Bethany also provides private transportation based on individual needs and assistance that might be required.

Children that live nearby can also provide transportation assistance, and pair the outing with lunch and some quality time with mom and dad.

Our society is of the mindset that once you can no longer drive, your life comes to a halt. While driving can certainly afford your parent(s) a more spontaneous lifestyle, with some advance planning, a full social calendar is possible!

Have you recently had the “no more driving” talk with mom or dad? How did it go? Leave your advice in the comments section below. AARP has more information about planning the conversation.

Bethany Village is located just north of the intersection of Interstate 675 and Far Hills Avenue in Centerville, 10 miles south of Dayton, Ohio.
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