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How Adult Children Influence Mom and Dad’s Decision to Relocate to a Retirement Community out of State

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More and more seniors are selecting and ultimately moving to a retirement community in a state other than where they currently reside. Not surprising, one major factor in this decision is the consideration of wanting to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Family is a huge pull on the emotional heartstrings. The opportunity to be closer to children and grandchildren and be a part of their daily lives often motivates seniors to relocate where family lives.

There are many benefits for both parents and their children. First, there is an opportunity to check-in frequently with one another, whether it is gathering for Sunday family dinners or simply an impromptu visit. Also, having parents in the same city allows them to attend grandchildren’s special events, such as dance recitals or weekly soccer games.

On a more practical level, having parents close by enables the sons and daughters to assist more in situations where one or more parent’s health is declining. When parents live far away, sons and daughters need to take vacation days, or even a week at a time to visit and provide assistance on a more sporadic basis. If the parents are in good health, many are helping assist with their grandchildren, offering to watch grandchildren after school or transport them to events while the parents are at work. This is a tremendous help when both parents work outside the home.

Often the sons and daughters are doing the initial research and paving the way for mom and dad to move closer. More and more initial visits here at Bethany Village  in Dayton, Ohio are with the entire family or just with the adult children. It used to be I would see the children at the end of the process or on moving day but not anymore.

Are you now living in a senior retirement community like Bethany Village? Did you enlist the help of your children for guidance on your decision? Leave us a comment and tell us your story.

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