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Healthy and Fun Hobbies to Enjoy in Retirement

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We all know that a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are important parts of a healthy lifestyle, especially as we get older. But did you know that having a hobby can also promote healthy aging?

Recent research suggests that engaging in hobbies and other social activities help ward off feelings of loneliness and improve the quality of life for older adults. Our retirement years are the perfect time to explore new interests and take up a hobby or two. Here are examples of some healthy and fun hobbies to enjoy throughout retirement.

Get creative

Many older adults take up artistic hobbies like painting, drawing, scrapbooking, photography, knitting, or quilting in retirement to express their creativity and socialize with others. Participating in arts and crafts activities or classes may also be relaxing and even therapeutic for older adults, especially for those experiencing health problems or memory conditions.

Appreciate nature

Outdoor activities and hobbies can have both physical and mental health benefits for older adults. In fact, spending time in nature is known to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and promote positive moods. Seniors who love the great outdoors may be interested in hobbies such as bird watching, gardening, or golfing.

Stay sharp with cards and games

Spending time playing games or cards isn’t just entertaining; it can also keep our minds sharp by decreasing the risk of cognitive decline. Many senior living communities plan weekly game nights and have clubs dedicated to card games like bridge or canasta. From traditional games like bingo, bridge, or dominoes to video games, there are plenty of fun and challenging games to enjoy playing as a group or individually.

Make exercising a social activity

Experts recommend older adults engage in moderate exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week. Making exercise part of your weekly routine can be challenging, but many people find that joining a group fitness program increases motivation and makes exercising more enjoyable. With fun fitness activities like walking clubs and group exercise classes, senior living communities offer endless opportunities for seniors to meet their fitness goals and make new friends in the process.

Retirement is the ideal time to try new activities and find a hobby you love. In a senior living community, older adults can experience a wide variety of activities in a friendly, inviting environment. From painting to fitness classes to card clubs, there’s bound to be a hobby that suits your interests. Contact Bethany Village to learn about all the activities you can explore.

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