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How Life in a Faith-Based Retirement Community Can Make Your Retirement Years a Blessing

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As we grow older, many of us feel our faith has become more important to us. According to Pew Research statistics:

  • 68% of seniors pray daily
  • 53% attend weekly church services versus 39% for the total population.
  • 69% say religion is “very important” compared to 56% of all age groups

As you can see, faith is clearly a priority for older adults. And this spiritual imperative often coincides with the decision about where to spend our retirement years. Many times, the conveniences and benefits of retirement community living is an attractive option.

Generally speaking, retirement communities are one of two types – non-profit (often faith-based) or for-profit. The best senior living facilities, whether faith-based or not, offer excellent health care services, comfortable places to live, and social-enhancing activities. But for seniors who want all their needs to be met, including their spiritual ones, faith-based retirement living offers additional benefits.

Faith-based retirement communities care for the “whole” person

Physical and mental health needs are just as important as emotional and spiritual wellness. Faith-based facilities take care to ensure that all these needs are met while providing compassionate and competent care.

Faith-based retirement communities provide older adults with connections to others who share their faith, helping them quickly adjust to and thrive in their new home and feel welcomed and accepted. These spiritually vibrant communities also offer retirees a sense of purpose, which is crucial to feelings of self-worth. Getting involved in volunteer, social, and religious activities allows residents to share their God-given gifts with others.

A faith-based community provides for spiritual needs

In a faith-based retirement community, residents have the option to participate in worship services, Bible studies, prayer groups, discussion groups, and volunteer opportunities, all on the same campus. These opportunities allow residents to seek and expand their spiritual growth in safe and familiar surroundings, without the need to travel and leave the comfort of their community.

Additionally, many people feel strongly that their faith helps them cope in times of transition. In a faith-based retirement community, chaplains or other religious leaders are available to provide counseling and spiritual support to residents as needed.

Faith-based communities attract faithful people

There are people among us who feel God put them here to serve others – carefully, responsibly, and with compassion. These people believe in a higher calling and are frequently those who are drawn to work at faith-based organizations.

Residents in faith-based retirement communities often feel deep relationships with staff that share the same values of love for others, respect, and dignity of the individual. The caring people that work in these communities aspire to give back and contribute to something greater than themselves. 

If you’re looking for retirement living options, consider the added benefits of choosing a faith-based retirement community. In a faith-based retirement community, you can feel hopeful about living among people who share many of your same beliefs and values. They will be there for you when you need them and will be a blessing to you for many years to come.

Written by Bethany Village

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