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Summer Vacation: Helpful Tips for Savvy Senior Travelers

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Summer is finally here, and it’s a perfect time to get away for a relaxing vacation. Whether you’re planning to board a plane to an international destination, hop on a cruise ship, or take a cross-country road trip this summer, check out these travel tips for savvy seniors:

Plan ahead

Make your vacation a stress-free experience by planning well in advance. For example, to avoid feeling rushed at the airport, try to arrive at least 2 hours ahead of your scheduled flight. If you or your loved one needs extra assistance getting from one terminal to another, call in advance to arrange for a cart or buggy ride inside the airport. It’s also a good idea to consider investing in travel insurance. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if an illness or unexpected event requires you to cancel your trip.

Pack smart

Traveling is a lot easier when you pack light. Not only will you avoid dealing with heavy or bulky luggage, but you’ll also have room to pick up a few souvenirs on your trip! When packing, be sure to place any medications or important belongings in your carry-on bag in case of a long layover or lost luggage. If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair. If you use hearing aids, bring spare batteries. Remember, it’s always wise to leave valuable items such as expensive jewelry or watches at home.

Secure your home

Before you leave for your trip, take steps to secure your home. For example, avoid announcing the specifics of your travel plans on social networking sites, which could be a tip-off to burglars looking to rob unattended homes. Place a stop order on your mail or have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail while you’re out of town.

One of the biggest perks of living in an independent living community is the added benefit of on-site security. Independent living residents can enjoy a more worry-free vacation because they know their home and possessions will be safe while they’re away.

Be safe

Unfortunately, older adults are often the targets of thieves and pickpockets. To help prevent theft, avoid leaving jewelry or other valuables in your hotel room. Consider wearing a money belt concealed under your clothing instead of using a purse or backpack to carry your cash, credit and debit cards, and passport. Finally, always be aware of your surroundings to prevent against pickpocketing.

Stay comfortable on your feet

Between walking through the airport and taking tours at your destination, you may find that your vacation involves spending more time on your feet than you usually do. Make sure you pack comfortable, practical shoes that you can wear for hours at a time. Avoid wearing heels or flip-flops for long walking trips, as these types of shoes may impair your balance and put you at risk for falling.

Most importantly, have fun! Vacation is all about relaxing and unwinding. No matter where you’re headed this summer, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Happy travels!

Written by Bethany Village

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