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How Senior Living Communities Can Reduce Feelings of Isolation & Depression

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Growing older doesn’t have to mean being alone, but that’s an all too common reality for many older adults. It’s estimated that as recently as 2010, nearly a third of people aged 65 and older lived alone. Positive human relationships are a vital part of maintaining our overall wellbeing, which is why loneliness can have such a profoundly negative effect on our physical and emotional health.

One way older adults can combat these feelings is to join a retirement community. Meeting new friends with shared interests, participating in group activities, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have neighbors who care can reduce feelings of isolation and the depression that often follows.

Group Activities

It can be tough to make friends as you get older, which is why so many retirement communities organize group activities that make it easier to connect with new people. Whether it’s a fitness class, knitting circle, continuing education class, or theater outing, there’s always something going on at a retirement community – and great people to meet!

Shared Interests

Do you miss having a chess partner? When was the last time you got together with a reading club? At a retirement community, it’s easier to find those who share your interests. Clubs, classes, and workshops are often held on campus where you can connect with people who share the same passions that you do, all in a safe environment.

Friendly Neighbors

Living alone – particularly in a rural area – makes it more difficult to get help if you need it. What if you slip and fall at home, or suffer a stroke or heart attack? In a retirement community, there is always someone right next door, and professional help just a call button away. Many residents find this sense of safety and comradery a comforting boost to their mental health.

Are you feeling isolated where you are? Start your search today for an independent living community like Bethany Village – and start enjoying life again!

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