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How Technology is Transforming Senior Care

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senior-careTechnology is helping seniors live more connected and independent lives, and transforming the way that medical professionals and caregivers are able to perform senior care. Here are some technology trends that are impacting senior care, and how you can take advantage of them.

Health trackers and applications. Numerous fitness trackers like Fitbit and mobile applications like HeartWise are helping seniors better track their health. Data on exercise, heart rate, and other statistics can be easily shared with medical professionals to help in developing a care plan. Some healthcare monitors can even alert a caregiver or emergency professionals based on data collected. The Pillboxie app also offers helpful medication reminders and alarms that can be customized.

Transportation services. Companies like Uber and Lyft are offering seniors more flexible transportation services. When one is no longer able to drive safely on their own, services like these become vital lifelines, especially in areas which are underserved by public transit. Apps for these services can be downloaded from any mobile device, and allow you to call up a driver on demand to your residence.

Grocery services. More and more grocery stores and home delivery companies are offering in-store pickup and/or delivery of groceries like Kroger stores and When assessing a senior’s needs, one of the tasks for daily living that must be evaluated is one’s ability to procure groceries and everyday household supplies. With the rise in these types of services – with easy to use ordering applications online – more seniors are able to live independently.

Senior care continues to evolve as new technical tools become available to help us manage our care and share critical health information. Be sure to talk to your own loved ones and medical care professionals to see if there are any tools or services they recommend to assist you in your own care needs.


Written by Bethany Village

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