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How to Compare Nursing Home Reviews

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nursing home reviewsDid you know that government and state agencies collect ratings and reviews of nursing homes, which are available to the public? The Nursing Home Compare site hosted at has comprehensive information about every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the United States. It’s easy to compare nursing homes in your area using this comprehensive tool.

Compare Nursing Homes

When you visit Nursing Home Compare, enter your location to find nursing homes in your area. Choose which nursing homes you would like to compare to get a detailed list of how these nursing homes measure up.

Areas of Comparison

Nursing homes are given an overall rating, which can range from one star (much below average) to five stars (much above average). They are also rated on a variety of quality measures, as well as on their staffing and health and safety features. See the date of their last health and safety inspection, and even view details, right from within the tool. You will also be able to see if they have been assessed any federal fines or been refused federal funds for not adhering to quality standards.

Quality Measures

By comparing the outcomes for long-term and short-term residents in the “quality measures” section in each nursing home review, you can see which have higher discharge rates or lower instances of pressure sores. This is a good way to assess their overall level of care.

To get started on comparing nursing homes in your area, visit Nursing Home Compare.

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