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How the Great Outdoors Improves Quality of Life for Older Adults

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Spending time surrounded by nature has long been shown to have many positive impacts on people. In an age where we spend more and more time indoors and in front of digital screens, finding time to be immersed in nature is essential.

Natural settings are not only beautiful, but they also provide valuable opportunities for activities outside the home. For older adults, easy access to nature offers plenty of health and wellness benefits. By getting up and out the door, they are motivated to stay active, which in turn promotes healthier aging. Outdoor activities can also provide opportunities for social interactions that help older adults combat loneliness, isolation and depression.

A wealth of activities for seniors can be found outdoors

Studies have shown that both green and “blue” spaces are helpful for wellness. Blue spaces are just what one might guess – water! A visit to a local lake or pond can be an opportunity for older adults to relax and experience the soothing sights and sounds of the water.

Other outdoor activities that improve quality of life include bird watching, picnicking or enjoying time outside with kids and grandkids. Some of the best moments of life are simple ones like these.

Many seniors take up gardening. Some retirement villages offer group gardens where residents can meet to plant vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Gardening is known to reduce stress and anxiety, and the physical activity can improve one’s mobility and flexibility, which is important to preventing injuries.

Go on, take a hike

A simple walk among nature can produce many mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. The advantages of seniors taking daily walks are shown in studies that report decreased issues with pain, sleep, depression and other common problems.

Walking can be particularly beneficial for older adults suffering from arthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking increases strength and balance and puts less stress on joints than other exercises. Walking also improves circulation around the joints that may lead to less inflammation and pain. Retirement villages often feature paved walking trails that are perfect for residents and grandchildren to spend time together.

Social interactions lead to improved mental health

Outdoor spaces provide places for planned social activities with friends and family or just a friendly environment for neighbor gatherings. A sense of social connection increases quality of life for older adults. Social “meet and greets” that happen naturally when out walking or just observing nature keep older adults engaged, help alleviate loneliness and promote happiness.

Nature is right outside your door at Bethany Village

One advantage to living at Bethany Village is a lush, 100-acre campus filled with abundant green and blue spaces, walking trails, and more. Come see for yourself by scheduling a tour of our gorgeous campus.

To learn more about life at Bethany Village, please contact us today. We are happy to speak with you and schedule a tour!

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