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How To Evaluate Your Senior Living Options

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As the time comes to plan for retirement, it can be difficult to assess your choices. There are so many options, and so many communities to consider! It’s important to remember that when it comes to senior living options, it’s not “one size fits all.” Senior living communities continue to expand care services and amenities, but be sure that you focus on the core questions that are most important to you, your health and your lifestyle.

How independent are you?

When evaluating whether or not you want to age in your current home or seek out a community, consider your current level of independence. Are you feeling lonely or isolated? Do you have trouble completing regular chores like cleaning and shopping? What about critical daily activities like cooking or bathing? Seniors who can live independently but are seeking more amenities nearby as well as a safe, secure, and maintenance-free lifestyle may find that an independent living community suits their needs perfectly.

Do you anticipate a change in your care needs?

While we all want to live a long, healthy, and carefree life in retirement, sometimes our health can change. If you or your spouse has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, it’s a good idea to invest in a community that offers a variety of levels of care, such as a continuing care retirement community. Simply downsizing to a smaller space in a less isolated neighborhood simply may not be enough for your future needs.

What’s your lifestyle?

We all have different ideas about what retirement means. Do you intend to travel a lot? If yes, it may not make sense to stay in a large home. Downsizing to an apartment or condo may be a better choice. If your children have moved away and you want to downsize but don’t want to lose your social connections, look into community living on a campus for retirees just like you.

Whatever your care needs and lifestyle preferences, there’s sure to be a community out there for you. Take the time to find just the right one, and enjoy the retirement you always dreamed about!

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