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How to get fit in your garden? Media ask Bethany fitness expert

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craigYou can walk, work and play your way to fitness. What better way than by gardening?

Bethany Village Exercise Physiologist Craig Cole helps you enjoy gardening as exercise, in:

  • Digging your way to fitness, July 4 Dayton Daily News
  • Gardening for exercise, WDTN-TV 2 Noon “Living Dayton” program, June 24
  • Want good exercise? Go dig in your garden for health & fitness benefits of gardening
  • Safe and healthy gardening: More gain, less pain for how to avoid injuries and pain while gardening

Cole advises residents of the Bethany Village retirement community, Centerville, Ohio, how to use the well-equipped fitness center to maximum effect for healthy living, or to stay fit in your home and community. To learn how you can put Craig Cole on your fitness team, contact the Bethany Village marketing department at 937-436-6850 or

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