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John ‘Jack’ Hudson To Preview Memphis Belle For Bethany Residents, Community Members

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On Thursday, May 17, a restored B 17-F Memphis Belle will be unveiled at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  The restoration comes 75 years at its crew finished their final mission during World War II. The Memphis Belle will be on public display and the exhibit will feature archival film footage and personal artifacts never before seen by Air Force Museum visitors.

The restoration took over a decade and hundreds of volunteers had their hands in bringing the plane back to its

John "Jack" Hudson
John “Jack” Hudson

original glory. Some of those volunteers are residents of Bethany Village. To celebrate their work and to honor veterans, John “Jack” Hudson, Director of the National Museum of the US Air Force will give a special presentation at Bethany Village on Friday, May 4. The talk will take place at 2 p.m. in the Grand Room on Bethany’s campus. Shirley Smith, a longtime volunteer at the museum and Bethany resident, helped coordinate Hudson’s talk. Residents, their family members and community members are encouraged to attend this special presentation. Hudson will give a sneak peek of the renewed Memphis Belle before she is unveiled to the world.

Community members are encouraged to attend this special presentation. Simply RSVP your name and number in your party to– seating is very limited!

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