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Should You Move to a Faith-Based Retirement Community?

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For many older adults, faith is an integral and essential aspect of their lives. When looking for a community to spend their retirement years, an increasing number of older adults are choosing communities that meet their health and wellness needs as well as their spiritual needs.

Are you considering moving to a faith-based retirement community? Take a look at the top benefits of faith-based retirement communities to determine if this type of retirement community is right for you.

Shared beliefs and values

Relocating to senior living is a major adjustment for some older adults and their families, but moving to faith-based retirement community may help seniors feel comfort and support throughout the transition. Many older adults enjoy the sense of familiarity that comes with joining a community that shares their faith and values. With friendly neighbors and dedicated caregivers, faith-based retirement living helps older adults form meaningful connections in a welcoming, compassionate environment.

Maintain religious traditions

Faith-based retirement communities provide opportunities for seniors to maintain and celebrate time-honored religious traditions from the comfort and convenience of their community. Most faith-based communities offer on-site worship services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, and discussion groups so that residents never need to travel far to maintain their traditions or celebrate religious holidays. Many faith-based retirement communities also have chaplains or other religious leaders on staff to provide counseling and comfort for residents.

Mission-driven, non-profit status

Many faith-based retirement communities are also operated by non-profit organizations. Non-profit retirement communities are held to the same high standards as for-profit communities, but there are important distinctions between these two types of communities. Unlike for-profit retirement communities, which are often profit-driven and part of larger commercial chains, non-profit retirement communities are driven by an overall mission to help people. For this reason, some older adults prefer communities that have non-profit status and a mission that aligns with their own values and needs.

Inclusive and accepting environment

Most faith-based retirement communities are accepting and inclusive environments that accept residents of all religious backgrounds. In fact, seniors who don’t ascribe to a particular religion often choose faith-based retirement living because they enjoy the benefits of living in caring, welcoming community.

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