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Centerville, Ohio (August 24, 2015) – Fall means back to school for students. This fall, Bethany Village residents will also head back to class, as part of a new educational series called Living and Learning at Bethany. The program was created by residents, for residents, and features many diverse topics.

Nearly all classes are taught by Bethany residents. Subjects include “We transformed America: How our generation reshaped everything” which will look back at the past sixty years of American life. The class is broken into four sessions, each 90 minutes in length and taught by Dr. Squire Brown.

Another course is “Making better photos” presented by Dr. Lew Hann. The course will teach beginners the basics of photography, including the technical basics of cameras, how to avoid common mistakes when using Photoshop and how to “make” a picture.



“God, Darwin and the Big Bang” will focus on the conflict of science and theology, evolution and creationism, the theory of everything, life and death and so much more. The class will be led by Dr. Rick Cothern in six sessions.Rick and Peg Cothern in their Bethany home.

Tom Preisser of Sinclair Community College will present “Islam: a religion and people in transition” which will examine various branches of theology and explore possible sources of conflict that have arisen from them. The course is segmented into two sessions.

Bert Staub will present a three session discussion entitled “Reader’s Theatre.” This class teaches residents how to “become someone else” and to do “dramatic readings.” Topics covered will be drama, comedy and poetry.

Finally, Bethany Village will partner with the National Issues Forums for a roundtable discussion entitled “Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?” Resident Jean Kmetec will moderate the panel. The Kettering Foundation sponsors The National Issues Forums. In the months to come, Bethany will expand its partnership with The National Issues Forums to offer more roundtable discussions on a variety of topics. Eventually these roundtables will be open to the public.

If you are interested in a vibrant and enriching retirement, contact the Bethany marketing department at 937-436-6850. A variety of residential options are available now including cottages and apartments.

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