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Bowling 014Get three strikes in a row on Wii Bowling to earn the honor of being called a Turkey.

Bethany Village has four teams participating in a Wii bowling conference through the National Senior League ( that has more than 310 teams participating.

Currently, our four teams named Red’s Rollers, Magic Marker, Senior Strikers and Buckeye Bowlers each have won their individual conferences and are advancing to their sweet sixteen brackets for further competition in the tournament.

“We have a lot of fun,” shares Bob.  “I like the competitive aspect and the socialization that is so great, being able to joke with others.”

Pat explains that she used to bowl but now finds Wii bowling the way to go without having to lift the heavy balls.  She thinks the hand-eye coordination and mental concentration is a good way to stay healthy and engaged.

“It’s the fellowship that is so great.  We started playing years ago and now we are great friends.  I wish more people know about this and how great it is,” Pat continues.

Bowling 017We wish the best of luck to our talented bowling teams.  May you all be a ‘bunch of turkeys’, as you continue in the tournament games.


Written by Bethany Village

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