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‘Senior Strikers’ Wins Nation Senior League Wii Bowling Conference

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Hazel Patrick 300
Hazel Patrick Shows her perfect score of 300! Way to go Hazel!!

Bethany residents Evie Billing, Pat Balmer, Bob Shaw and Hazel Patrick bowled their hearts out while having a great time earning a trophy for winning their Wii bowling conference.

The team is so competitive and effective that on occasion a perfect game score of 300 is possible. In fact, Hazel did just that earlier this week! After several congratulatory hug and cheers, Hazel points to her perfect score. (see photograph)

Senior Strikers is just one of four Bethany Village’s Wii bowling teams. Each team of four bowlers competed in different conferences with the National Senior League.

Our other teams, Red’s Rollers, Magic Marker and Buckeye Bowlers have advanced to the sweet sixteen in their conference tournaments.

While competitive, Pat Balmer shares that she thinks the hand-eye coordination and mental concentration is a good way to stay healthy and engaged.

“It’s the fellowship that is so great,” explains Pat. “We started playing years ago and now we are great friends. I wish more people know about this and how great it is,” she adds.

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Senior Strikers champs
Left to right: Don Billing, Evie Billing, Pat Balmer, Hazel Patrick, Bob Shaw, Karen Shaw, and Betty Rike.

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