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Ways to Celebrate July 4th from Bethany Bloggers

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istock_000014567922xsmallJuly 4 is all about celebrating our nation’s independence while having fun! Bethany Bloggers would like to share some of their favorite Independence Day traditions:

Karen Kuhn likes to drive up I-71 at just the “right time” to catch the spectacular fireworks display at Kings Island, a large amusement park about an hour south of Bethany Village. She also enjoys watching fireworks from her own driveway!

Allyson Crawford enjoys having a day off work to spend with family and friends. The fewer the plans, the better! July 4th is a day to kick back and relax.

Rachel Abshear oversees the annual Bethany resident July 4th picnic. There’s always fried chicken and “Angies White’s Famous” baked beans. Angie is a Bethany employee and proud her beans are so popular.  Some Bethany residents also participate in the annual Centerville Americana Festival parade.

Robyn Nelson also attends the Centerville Americana Festival and always looks forward to cheering on our residents when they march by!

Larry Ramey always enjoys the Cityfolk Festival and exploring other cultures and different types of music that make America so unique. Plus, there’s a huge fireworks display in Downtown Dayton which brings out thousands!

Dana Lynch started celebrating July 4th weekend differently three years ago… when she got married! Now the weekend has even more meaning when she grills out and watches fireworks.

Amy Hamm does the exact same thing every year. Husband and daughter in tow, Amy heads off to her parents where her mom always cooks and her dad cleans the pool. They eat and float in the pool all day. On good years, they can even see the fireworks while floating. On “bad” years they have to watch the fireworks from lawn chairs in her parents backyard.

Deb Dicus always watches fireworks – but this year will head to Akron to start a new tradition with someone important in her life.

Cathy Bourquin and her family always head north to a Lakeside cottage near Lake Erie. Years ago, Cathy’s husband inherited a giant American flag and each year the family carries it in the town parade. It’s a hit with the locals and Cathy has even been featured in the newspaper thanks to the giant flag!

What are some of your favorite July 4th traditions?

Written by Bethany Village

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