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Celebrating ‘Independence’ at Bethany Village

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istock_000001454889xsmallMany veterans call Bethany Village home. These brave men and women served our country in all branches of the military and continue that service here at Bethany. An official veterans group is active on campus and recently coordinated a donation drive for the Blue Star Mothers. The drive collected things like socks, batteries, eye drops, candy and much more that our enlisted men and women need while stationed away from home.

During July, Americans remember the anniversary of our independence. At Bethany, residents celebrate just the same. There are cookouts, summer concerts and other activities to stay engaged. If you don’t like the heat, no worries: everything at Bethany is connected, meaning you can still workout in the Fitness Center, have lunch with friends in the Bistro and take an art class all in the comfort of air conditioning.

If you are ready to proclaim your independence, you should first call 937-436-6850 to make a personalized appointment. A senior living counselor will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your visit and help determine if Bethany is the right place for you.

Remember, while your neighbors are working on the lawn in the August heat, you could be sitting on your new patio, sipping iced tea. Or playing bridge with new friends. Or enjoying an art show. Our move-in coordinator can provide advice and help with the downsizing process.

Are you planning to visit communities like Bethany Village over the summer?

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