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Why Choose Faith-Based Retirement Communities?

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Bethany Village Crescent Crossing exteriorThe search for the right retirement community can feel overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, and a multitude of factors to consider. For many older adults, their faith is among those factors, and it can play a crucial role in determining where they want to live in retirement.

While there are many faith-based retirement communities to consider – including Bethany Village – it’s not always clear how joining one of these communities can improve quality of life. However, many seniors have found that joining a community where residents all embrace a common spirituality can have many benefits.

Shared Faith

Belief can be a great source of security and strength, and represents the central pillar in many people’s lives. Choosing a retirement community run by an organization which shares those values can provide both familiarity and reassurance. Being able to worship on campus with those of the same faith provides both social and spiritual comfort.

Clear Mission

Faith-based retirement communities tend to be nonprofit organizations with clear values and stated missions for how they conduct their business and how they treat their residents. Values guided by faith provide a clear framework for how the organization is run. This can give residents the peace of mind that comes from knowing the moral compass of the community.

When you’re ready to join a faith-based community, reach out to your social network to help find the right fit for you. Ask other members of your congregation for recommendations, or even reach out to your congregation’s administrative staff, which may have resources to share with you. In addition, you can contact members of any faith-based community you are a part of – online or off – to get information about residences.

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