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3 Reasons to Move to a Faith Based Retirement Community

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For many older adults, faith is an integral aspect of their lifestyle and identity. Faith can be a source of comfort and support, especially for seniors relocating to a retirement village. If you’re looking for a community that shares your values and beliefs, here are three reasons a faith based retirement community might be right for you.

A holistic approach to care

Faith based retirement communities support their residents’ spiritual well-being in addition to promoting their physical and emotional health. Seniors experiencing feelings of loneliness or loss may find that joining a faith based retirement community gives them peace of mind and enhances their quality of life.

Join a community that cares

Sharing your faith with others can cultivate a better sense of both spiritual and social belonging. When you move to a faith based retirement community, you join a fellowship of people who share your values and beliefs. Faith based communities also offer discussion groups, Bible studies, and prayer meetings to encourage spiritual wellness and foster deepened relationships among residents.  

Maintain spiritual traditions

It may become difficult for older adults still living at home to attend worship services or religious events due to declining health or mobility issues. However, faith based retirement communities offer worship services within the community, meaning residents don’t need to go far to express their faith’s traditions. Many faith based communities also have chaplains or other leaders on staff to provide counseling and support for residents.  

If you’re looking for retirement living options, consider the added benefits of choosing a faith based retirement community. From social support to convenient, on-site worship services, joining a spiritually vibrant community can meet your spiritual and physical needs throughout your retirement years.

Written by Bethany Village

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