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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Assisted Living

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Senior woman Assisted living communityIf you’re just beginning the assisted living search for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering what to expect. You’re not alone. Many people aren’t clear about what assisted living means, often confusing the term with outdated “nursing homes” of the past.

The truth is that assisted living is a relatively new living option for older adults. This innovative approach to senior living was created for older adults who want to maintain their independence but need more care than a family can provide at home. If you’re curious about the benefits of assisted living and how it differs from other senior living options, here are four things you might not know about assisted living.

Not all assisted living communities are alike

When it comes to choosing an assisted living community, you have plenty of options. Assisted living facilities can differ in regards to location, amenities, and the types of care offered. Assisted living facilities within retirement communities are becoming increasingly more popular. Residents can transition to other living options as their care needs change over time, without the added stress of moving to an entirely new community.

Enjoy a more relaxing retirement with assisted living

Responsibilities like cooking and cleaning can become difficult and stressful for both older adults and their family caregivers. Older adults may also depend on family or friends for transportation to the grocery store or doctor’s appointments. Assisted living relieves many of these burdens by offering services like housekeeping and maintenance and even transportation services.

Plenty of opportunities for social activities

The assisted living lifestyle is anything but boring! In today’s assisted living communities, residents have plenty of opportunities to interact with other residents, friends, and family through scheduled activities and social outings, on-campus restaurants and bistros, and fun classes and clubs. Living at home can often be lonely and isolating, especially for older adults who live alone. In assisted living, older adults can enjoy the company of others every day and make new friendships they might not otherwise experience.

Assisted living can be affordable

Many families are surprised to learn that their dream retirement can be affordable. When touring and choosing an assisted living community, older adults and their families often meet with a senior living consultant to learn more about their options and how to finance their dream retirement. It’s important to remember that the costs associated with assisted living encompass not only living and care expenses, but also a wide variety of amenities and services for older adults. In fact, some people find assisted living to be a more affordable option than staying at home.

Written by Bethany Village

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