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3 Big Trends Shaping the Future of Independent Living

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The “Baby Boomer” generation is often considered the most influential generation of the 20th century and for a good reason. They represent one of the largest parts of the American population! It’s estimated that 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day. And as they grow older, this generation is continuing to set trends. 

For example, “aging in place” in a large, family home is not as appealing to baby boomers as it was to previous generations. Today’s older adults desire a lower maintenance lifestyle that gives them freedom for travel, relaxation, and social activities. As a result, more and more retirees are choosing to simplify, downsize, and relocate to independent living communities. Not surprisingly, the baby boomer generation has also inspired many changes among these communities, especially when it comes to design trends and amenities.

If you or a loved one has been thinking about downsizing and moving to a senior apartment in an independent living community, here are some of the latest trends you can look forward to experiencing:

Contemporary design

Our surroundings have a significant impact on our health and mood. Today’s independent living communities offer modern design and architecture to create a more inviting, home-like environment. You will see senior apartments with open floorplans, modern appliances, and plenty of natural light. Some communities have designed thoughtful outdoor spaces so residents can enjoy nature without leaving the campus. Look for courtyard seating areas, beautiful landscaping and gardens, and convenient walking trails.

Innovative technology

Not only are today’s senior apartments more welcoming than in previous years, but they’re also enhanced with the latest technology. Whether it’s surfing the web to reading books and keeping in touch with friends and family, technology is helping older adults stay connected and engaged. Recognizing this, many independent living communities feature Wi-Fi friendly campuses and libraries with computers for residents to use. Some communities even host classes to teach residents the basics of computer, smartphone, and tablet technology. 

Fitness-focused activities

In independent living communities, fitness is a daily part of life. In addition to traditional fitness centers with cardio and strength training equipment for independent workouts, residents have opportunities to participate in fun and energetic group exercise activities like cardio drumming or line dancing. These group exercise classes promote fitness and help to build community and friendship among residents.

At Bethany Village, our modern senior apartments offer senior adults a comfortable, convenient place to call home. Enjoy all the conveniences of our friendly community, which features a state-of-the-art fitness center, beautiful walking trails, and on-site amenities, including a beauty salon, restaurant, and café. Schedule a tour today—we’d be delighted to speak with you!

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