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Chaplain’s Corner: Summer Growth

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Crushed stoneBethany Village‘s Pastor Bob Ashburn reflects on growth.

We’re in the season after Pentecost which lasts about five or six months each year and it has an ongoing theme: growth.

During the explanation of the day’s theme on each Sunday morning, I’ve talked mostly about my garden growing in order to illustrate this ongoing theme. I’ve had successes and failures over the years in my garden and last year was not very successful, so this year my son and I are planting something that will assure us of success: rocks.

We are going to have success with the rocks because they won’t die. They will also stay in the same place where we planted them (these are heavy rocks!). This surely is success because we can count on the rocks for stability and we can see their strength and security.

But there won’t be growth. There won’t be any bigger rocks and there won’t be more rocks. They will just stay the same. This is a good thing if you’re building a rock wall like my son and I are doing, but it’s not a good thing if you want growth.

It’s not just that we want growth, however: we need growth. We live in a world which is constantly changing and we need to grow to meet these changes. We can’t plant rocks which won’t grow: we need to plant seeds. This article is one of these seeds and there will be more to come.

God’s blessings, Pastor Bob

Written by Bethany Village

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