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4 Common Myths About Senior Living Communities

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When the time comes to talk to your aging parents about moving from their longtime home into a retirement community, you may be met with stubbornness and objection. That’s because many older adults have ill-conceived perceptions of retirement communities that simply aren’t true. If you’re ready to start the conversation about downsizing to a retirement community with your parents, be prepared to debunk these common myths.

Myth #1: I’m too young to live in a retirement community

When many older adults hear the words “retirement community,” they envision outdated nursing homes of the past. In reality, today’s retirement communities offer modern amenities, social activities, and flexible accommodations for residents. In a continuing care retirement community, adults over 62 are welcome to choose from a variety of living choices to fit their lifestyle.

Myth #2: People living in retirement communities lack independence

In a retirement community, older adults are free to enjoy their days as they choose. In fact, living in a retirement community can provide older adults with more independence than they may experience at home. Instead of being restricted by housekeeping and maintenance, which may become more difficult with age, seniors in a retirement community are free to enjoy activities and social events without worrying about transportation, cooking, or cleaning.

Myth #3: I’ll be safer in my own home

Actually, seniors living in their own homes may be at an increased risk for falls or other dangerous mishaps. That’s because the typical home is not designed with seniors’ safety in mind. However, retirement communities are made specifically for the changing needs of older adults. Features like emergency monitoring, railings in hallways and bathrooms and 24/7 on-site security personnel make retirement communities a safe and comfortable place for seniors to reside.

Myth #4: Retirement communities are too expensive

Your dream retirement can be affordable. The costs associated with retirement communities encompass a wide variety of amenities that are designed to make residents’ lives easier. Best of all, when you move from a longtime home to a retirement community, you can say goodbye to payments associated with owning a home, such as taxes, mortgage, and other expenses related to home maintenance, landscaping, and cooking. Moving to a retirement community can offer you the carefree, relaxing retirement you’ve always dreamed of having.

When it comes to choosing a retirement community for you or a loved one, don’t settle for the myths. Retirement communities are focused on making constant improvements to meet the needs of today’s seniors and promote an enjoyable retirement.

Written by Bethany Village

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