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Graceworks at Home: It is Time to Talk About the Risks of Falling

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home safety checklistThe topic of falling is not the liveliest, yet many things can put you at a higher risk of falling. Graceworks at Home would like to focus on how to avoid falls and injury. It is also important to remember to review with your physician any side effects of medications that you take.

Personal Risk Factors

  • Normal aging affects our eyesight, balance, strength, and ability to react quickly to our environment.
  • Lack of exercise leads to decreased balance, coordination and bone strength.
  • A poor diet and not drinking enough water will deplete strength and energy. Be careful, and remember to stay hydrated.

Risk Factors In The Home

  • Many falls are the result of hazards like wet surfaces, poor lighting, inadequate footwear, and cluttered areas in the home.
  • Most fractures are a result of a fall in your own home, related to everyday activities like walking up or down stairs, working in the kitchen or going to the restroom.
  • Please remember to not rush to answer that phone!

Lifestyle Choices

  • Get an annual eye exam and physical to evaluate blood pressure/medications.
  • Do not smoke or indulge in excessive alcohol intake.
  • Keep an updated list of all medications.
  • Discuss with your physician about starting an exercise individualized program.


  • Wear properly-fitting shoe with nonskid soles.
  • Use a long-handled shoehorn, and a stocking donner to assist with those ted hose.
  • Please do not walk in your stocking feet. Replace old slippers that do not grip or are worn out.

Home Modifications

  • Place a lamp, flashlight, and telephone near your bed.
  • Is your bed too high? Is your bed too difficult to get in and out of?
  • Install nightlights between your bedroom and bathroom.
  • Keep your pathways clutter free. Move boxes, cords, and loose rugs out of the way.
  • Walk only in well-lighted rooms, stairs, and hallways.
  • Do not use furniture that sits too low; it’s difficult to get up.
  • Install handrails on both sides of stairways.
  • Avoid standing on chairs or boxes to reach upper cabinets.
  • Install grab bars on the bathroom walls.
  • Use a rubber mat or place nonskid adhesive textured strips inside the tub.

With many years of experience helping adults achieve this desire for independence, Graceworks at Home is uniquely qualified to serve individuals requiring a little extra assitance . Call 937-436-7700 to schedule an assessment or to request more information.

Written by Bethany Village

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