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How to Help Your Parent Choose the Right Short-Term Rehab Care

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If your aging parent is released from the hospital following a serious illness or injury, you may find yourself making important decisions about their future care needs. As your parent faces the road to recovery, keep in mind that you have many options. If you’re considering short-term rehab care for your parent, are some questions to ask when researching your options:

Will my parent have an individualized treatment plan?

When researching potential short-term rehab care for your parent, start by looking for a facility that offers a custom treatment plan for each patient. In today’s short-term rehabilitation facilities, older adults can benefit from the customized care provided by an interdisciplinary team of therapists, physicians, nurses, social workers, and dieticians. This holistic approach to recovery can help your parent recovery comfortably and quickly.

How often is treatment offered?

To maximize your parent’s healing and recovery time, look for a short-term rehab facility that offers therapy treatment daily as well as emergency assistance around-the-clock. As opposed to at-home rehabilitation or outpatient care, where treatment may be limited to only a few times each week, older adults in a short-term rehabilitation facility benefit from consistent and frequent treatment which often results in a faster recovery.

What is a typical day like in short-term rehabilitation?

As you research short-term rehabilitation options, be sure to ask about any opportunities your parent may have for socialization, activities, and entertainment. For many older adults, the road to recovery can be lonely and isolating, especially if they live alone. Many short-term rehabilitation options offer daily social activities, community dining, and entertainment to ensure patients avoid boredom and isolation throughout their recovery.

Does the rehab facility have a “continuum of care?”

For many older adults, a temporary stay in a short-term rehab facility can lead to the decision to live in a retirement community full-time. As you look for the right rehab care for your aging parent, consider short-term rehab programs offered in retirement communities that offer a continuum of care. This innovative approach means that residents can easily transition to increased levels of care as their health needs change.

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