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5 Winter Activities to Enjoy in a Retirement Community

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As the winter months approach, it can be difficult for older adults to get out and enjoy their favorite activities, especially if they live alone. Luckily, in a retirement community, residents don’t need to go far to find engaging activities all winter long. Here are some of the most popular winter activities enjoyed by retirement community residents.

Continuing education classes

Recent research shows that lifelong learning is an important component of healthy aging and may even prevent the onset of cognitive decline in older adults. In today’s retirement communities, seniors can enjoy learning opportunities through continuing education classes with topics ranging from computer classes to history, art, writing, and more. 

Excursions to local museums

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy indoor activities like trips to local museums or cultural centers. Retirement communities often organize group excursions to local attractions and provide transportation so residents can enjoy spending time with like-minded friends.

Fitness classes

During the winter, it can be challenging or even unsafe to exercise outdoors. Today’s retirement communities are equipped with fitness centers that offer group exercise classes. This way, older adults can enjoy physical activity from the safety and comfort of their retirement community.

Social clubs

Another great benefit of retirement communities is the daily opportunities for socialization. Today’s communities offer a variety of social clubs and activities, such as book clubs, arts and crafts, trivia, bingo, and even video games to help residents make new friends and avoid winter boredom.

Guest speakers and performers

Many retirement communities also host guest speakers and performers each month, giving residents the chance to enjoy learning and entertainment without leaving the comfort of the community. This way, older adults can experience an enriching and engaging social life throughout the colder winter months.

Written by Bethany Village

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