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3 Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Seniors

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The holiday season is the perfect time to create new memories with family and friends. If you have an older loved one in a senior living community, you might be wondering about the best way to include them in your family’s festivities.

Luckily there are easy and fun ways to bring the holidays to your loved one in a senior living community. Time spent together enjoying a meal, game, or holiday show can help older adults feel included in the holidays and create lasting memories. Here are some holiday activities to enjoy with your loved one in a senior living community.

Create a family scrapbook               

Making a scrapbook is a fun and relaxing activity that all ages will enjoy for years to come. Bring printed photos and supplies to the senior living community and take the afternoon to put it together. Sifting through old photos can remind older family members of cherished memories, and may prompt them to share their stories and recollections.

Attend a holiday-themed performance

This season is the perfect time to get dressed up and attend a holiday-themed concert or performance. Many theaters offer senior discounts and are equipped to accommodate older adults with mobility issues comfortably. Attending a holiday show is a family activity that can easily become an annual tradition.

Look at holiday lights

Nothing captures the magic of the holidays quite like holiday light displays. Making a trip to see holiday lights is a budget-friendly activity that all ages will enjoy, whether you take a walk or drive through local neighborhoods to see the cheerful displays throughout your town.

Perhaps the best gift you can give an older loved one this year is the gift of your time. Senior living communities schedule a variety of activities and events around the holidays and welcome their residents’ families to join the fun. Visiting loved ones in a senior living community is a surefire way to make the season bright for the entire family.

Written by Bethany Village

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