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3 Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier for Seniors

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Benefits of technology for seniors

Older adults are using technology more than ever before. According to a study, the number of adults over 65 who use smartphones has more than doubled since 2013, and the trend is expected to continue. But beyond smartphones, there are a number of technological tools available that can help with everything from health to security to communication and of course, entertainment. Here’s a look at a few ways technology is making life easier for today’s older adults:

Monitor health using wearable technology

People of all ages are using wearable technology such as smartwatches to monitor their health and fitness goals. Smartwatches can keep track of your heart rate, sleep patterns, activity, and overall fitness level. Some smartwatch devices are even able to detect when you fall and can place an emergency call if needed, making them especially helpful for older adults living alone.

Communicate with long-distance loved ones

One of the biggest reasons seniors have adopted technology is to contact friends and family. Whether it’s by using smartphones, tablets, or computers, today’s technology provides countless ways to communicate instantaneously. Video chat is a popular method to contact long-distance loved ones because it can combine text, voice, and video. With video chat services such as FaceTime or Skype, you can see your loved ones in real time and communicate just as you would if they were with you in person.

Social media websites or apps like Facebook are another way seniors are staying connected. With social media, you can see updates, view photos, watch videos, and chat with friends. Many older adults enjoy reconnecting with friends from high school or college using social media.

Maintain independence with safety and security solutions

Older adults living alone may want to consider investing in home assistance devices that provide security and safety. From home security monitoring systems to alert buttons that can be used to call for help in an emergency, there are many different options available to give older adults a better sense of safety and security in their homes. In addition, most retirement communities utilize technologies including emergency call and response systems and 24/7 security monitoring to help residents stay safe and achieve a maximum level of independence.

As you can see, today’s technology offers a range of helpful benefits to make daily life easier for older adults. Best of all, modern tech devices and gadgets are becoming increasingly intuitive and easy-to-use. If you’re new to technology, you may want to check out a local continuing education class to learn the basics. In many retirement communities, beginner classes and workshops are offered to help residents learn to use different types of technologies including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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