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Tips for Settling Into Assisted Living

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Today’s assisted living communities offer safe and convenient living options for older adults. If you’re planning on downsizing to an assisted living community, you may be wondering how to arrange and decorate your new home. As you settle into assisted living, follow these four guidelines to ensure your new living space is both comfortable and stylish.

Keep it simple

One of the greatest benefits of moving to assisted living is that seniors can bring their own furniture and décor to customize their new space. However, it’s important to remember that assisted living accommodations have much smaller floor plans than a house. Before moving in, use the measurements of your new apartment to determine which key pieces of furniture to bring. You may even find that moving into assisted living is the ideal time to invest in a new TV, couch, or dining room table that suits a smaller space.

Incorporate functional storage

As you begin furnishing your new space, look for functional items that provide additional storage. For example, a foldable storage ottoman or coffee table with drawers can be used to keep your new space more organized and eliminate excess clutter.

Add personal style

Personalize your new living space by displaying your favorite artwork, photographs, and décor from your previous home. Recreating the look and feel of your home creates a sense of security and comfort that may ease the transition to assisted living.

Encourage visitors

In assisted living communities, new friendships are only a step away. Make sure your new living space has enough comfortable seating so you can host new friends or invite family over to visit. Consider adding a few extra chairs and a small table for playing card or board games.

Moving from a larger home to an assisted living community can be a challenging transition for seniors and their families. However, with the right arrangement and décor, you can make an unfamiliar space feel just like home.

Written by Bethany Village

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