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5 Reasons to Downsize to Independent Living

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When most seniors picture their ideal retirement lifestyle, they don’t envision spending their time and energy keeping up with a home that’s too large for their needs. Instead, they imagine enjoying a relaxing, maintenance-free lifestyle without worrying about the hassles of chores and repairs.

This is why many retirees are choosing to downsize to a more manageable space in an independent living community rather than “aging in place.” If you’re independent and ready to make the most of your retirement years, downsizing to independent living may be the ideal option for you. Here are five reasons to choose independent living:

No more home maintenance

It can be increasingly difficult to keep up with the daily upkeep of a larger household as we get older. One of the benefits of moving to an independent living community is the opportunity to experience all the comforts of home without the burden of chores and maintenance. Most independent living communities include services such as light housekeeping, lawn care, and basic home maintenance along with seasonal duties like snow removal. When you’re no longer worrying about cleaning or maintenance tasks, you’ll find that you have much more time to focus on the hobbies and activities you enjoy.

Convenient amenities

In addition to basic maintenance services, many independent living communities also offer special amenities to make life easier. Most retirement communities provide transportation to nearby locations like grocery stores and pharmacies, but many communities also have on-site beauty and barber shops, and restaurants and cafés to reduce the need to travel. In an independent living community, you’ll also have the option to take advantage of chef-prepared meals provided by the community, although you can always choose to continue cooking your own meals if you want.

Safety and security

Another reason seniors choose to downsize to independent living is for the enhanced safety and security. Living alone comes with safety concerns, especially as we grow older, but in an independent living community, safety and security are a top priority. Today’s communities take many precautions to keep residents safe, including having on-site security staff, 24/7 security monitoring, and emergency call buttons in the private residences. You can feel confident leaving the community for a vacation or trip knowing that your home and belongings will be safe while you’re away.

A sense of community

Independent living is more than just a place to live, it’s a place where older adults can thrive. When you move to independent living, you become a part of a vibrant social community made up of people of a similar age. Many seniors find that it’s easy to make new friends through the community’s planned activities, clubs, and outings.

Peace of mind for the future

Moving to an independent living community can also make it easier to transition to another level of care when you need it. Communities like Bethany Village, which is a continuing-care retirement community, offer a range of senior care options on the same campus including independent living residences, assisted living care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing care. As your care needs change over time, you can easily transition from independent living to another level of care within the same community, without moving away from the friends you’ve made.

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